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According to your situation and requirement, we can offer different courses or make the unique courses for you. Following are the courses for reference.

Course type


General Mandarin

Five levels altogether.
(primary,lower intermeidate,intermediate, upper intermediate,advanced,for learners from zero level to advanced level)
Full skill training of listening,speaking,reading,writing.
After finishing the courses,learners will be supposed to be able to daily communications in work and life.
The content of learning materials invovle almost all areas of daily life in China including common business expression_rs,social conversations,and daily dialogues.All the basic words,sentence patterns,grammar points will appear repeatedly in contents.
Learners can make progress in a short time.

Survival Chinese

Survival Chinese is for foreign friends who are interested in learning the everyday Chinese in a comparatively short time in order of being able to communicate in Chinese, especially listening and speaking as well as some reading and writing, quite fluent and independent in daily life areas.

Listening&Speaking course

This course is designed for students who want to improve their Chinese listening and speaking skills especially.
Students will learn the most useful expression_rs in daily life, and be able to speak and understand basic Chinese.


This course is designed for learners who already finished intermediate level and acquired more than 1500 vocabulary. Students can learn and improve their reading and writing skills in this course. It will help learners to get the ability of reading articles,newspapers,magazines and writing notes,letters,
journals etc.

Business course

Business course is designed for necessary Chinese expression_r for daily commercial communications and skills. The items are organized in a conversation on communicative fuction againgst a commercial Chinese background.

HSK exam

Designed for different levels of students who want to take the HSK exam.

Corporate Chinese Training

Mandarin provides tailor-made language training for companies and executives. This customized training program is the ideal way to improve corporate Chinese skills of your department, division or company.

Tutoring Courses for University Students

This type of course includes Chinese Speed-up Course and Holiday Grade-Skipping Course. It is customized for overseas students who want to take lessons after school to improve faster or solve questions from school classes.

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